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If you just starting blogging and you don't know about coding or programming, then this post is for you. In a previous post I wrote about the advantages of having a blog when it comes to showing our skills to the world. Now that we know about its advantages, I want to show you a few tools that will help you create an attractive, functional blog and what is very important, that it's easy for you to design and manage.

When creating a blog there are some tools that are necessary and others that, although not mandatory, help us save time and make things easier for us. Believe me, for people like me who know nothing about html code, programming, etc; these tools save your life!

The tools that I will present here are the ones that I use normally and have given me very good results.

Mandatory tools

Las herramientas necesarias de un blog son aquellas herramientas que son obligatorias para su creación, ellas son:

The Domain

The first thing we need to create our website is a domain. A domain is what direct us and allows us to go to a web page, for example: and it's what enables people access the website, that is, it's an address and it is made up of a name: mariarondon, followed by a domain extension that can be .com, .org, etc.

To create my domain I used Go Daddy and it costs approximately 12 euros for a year, but it was free for me (only the first year) thanks to a tutorial from a YouTuber called Sofía Web. She has a great promotion and you just have to see her tutorial where she explains step by step what you must do to access the offer. Here below I will leave you the link to the video of Sofía Web so that you can also benefit from its offer.

The tutorial is in Spanish. Click on the image and access the Sofia WEB tutorial
Access GoDaddy

The Hosting

Let's say that the hosting is the place where your website will be hosted, it is like a space that you rent to store there all the files that your website needs to function and so that it is always available. My hosting provider is also Go daddy and I also did it through Sofia web. Its price is approximately 90 Euros per year, but with the Sofía web offer it cost me 10 Euros for the first year. After the first year, I'll be paying the normal rate of 90 Euros.

Platform where to create the blog

There are several platforms to create your blog, I in particular use and recommend WordPress, one of the most popular platforms in the world. I previously started my blog at, which is its free version and includes its own hosting and the truth is I got very good results. This year 2020, with that of wanting to improve and do something more professional, I switched to the paid version and im very happy with my decision. It is very easy to use and its contents position very well in google.stoy más que contenta. Es muy fácil de usar y además sus contenidos se posicionan muy bien en google.

Access Wordpress

Well my dear readers, The domain, the hosting and the platform or content manager are the things that are necessarily needed to open a blog. There are other hosting options and platforms for blogs, the ones I have mentioned here are the ones I use. You can research further and look for other options. Everything will depend on your tastes and needs.

Now I will talk about the additional things, that although they are not mandatory, they help you create an extremely professional blog without the need to know HTML, programming or databases. With them you can save a lot of time and headaches, in my case they have saved my life on several occasions and have become essential.

Optional tools, highly recommended:

 The first is for the design of your website and is THE THEME. As I have told you before, I use WordPress because thanks to its themes, plugins and extensions we can make a website with the design and functionalities that we want. But I don't want to fool you, creating a website is not an easy job and even having good editing tools for us beginners, it will still be hard. But I did it, and I know you can too! Back to our business, let's start with the Theme 

The Theme

It is what will give the appearance of your website, it is a directory where the files are located that allows your blog to be shown in one way or another to visitors. I use the OCEAN WP theme, which is a very intuitive and innovative theme and also FREE, very light, which makes it fast and allows a better experience for visitors.
This theme works with Elementor which is a page builder that contains paid extensions that you can buy in order to extend its functionalities even more. With it you can also create a store on your website since it has WooCommerce. This theme's paid extension bundle costs $39 for a year and trust me it's cheap for all the features that includes.

I am one of those who think that if you are going to save time, tantrums and headaches, come on! Below is the link to the paid extensions of this super theme so you can see everything what includes.

Access OceanWP

Elementor page Builder

It's a plugin that allows you to build your web page just by dragging and dropping widgets and blocks to the work area to shape your page. The magic of Elementor lies precisely in its "drag and drop" system that allows you to add design objects to the work area in an easy and fast way without having to enter codes or know anything about programming.

Among its elements you can find endless possibilities to create a super attractive and professional blog. You can download the free version, but if you want to enjoy all its benefits to the fullest, I recommend the paid version, which costs $49 a year.

Access Elementor
Access the different prices and options of Elementor Pro

Although here I have focused only on what you need to build your blog, it is not until you start creating it that you realize all the tools you need to make a functional, attractive blog and most importantly, that it is easy to use and operate for you.

For this there are thousands of plugins that you can download as you need it, such as Mailchimp for email marketing, Google Analytics by YOAST to measure the traffic of your website, para enviar correos a tus usuarios, google Analytics by YOAST con lo que podrás medir el tráfico de tu blog, Yoast SEO with which you can position your blog in search engines, etc, etc, etc.

I hope these recommendations help you and that you can create the blog of your dreams.

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