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A letter to the love of my life

Yes, this letter is for you, love of my life.

I want you to know that you live in my dreams and that I have picture you so much, that even without knowing you, I know how you are. You are caring, loving and have a big heart. You love me and that love makes me immensely happy, because it is pure and sincere. It is a love that comes from heaven and brings out the best in me.

It doesn't matter that you are not here with me yet, because I know that I must be patient and that waiting will be worth it. You have shown me that love must be patient and that I should not settle for the crumbs of love that some men offer. I am deserving of a great love, a love that will bring me immense blessings, a love like yours, and I pray God he will soon put you in my life.

You will find me serious and worried

Perhaps a little cold. I want you to know that I wasn't always like that. Before, I was spontaneous, cheerful, loving and very romantic. But experiences change us, disappointments shape us in a way that make us dislike ourself, and feel ashamed of the way we are.

I look at myself in pictures and wonder, where did that happy woman go? Where is her huge smile? Where went all her dreams? I believe that woman and those dreams are here, inside me, waiting for someone to give me the confidence to bring them out, wishing someone who accepts me, who makes me feel good about myself and who I am.

Your love has taught me to be patient and not settle for crumbs of love

That's why I look for you, I know that you are there somewhere thinking of me as I think of you. I know that love can change my life and I trust that your love will give me the confidence to accept myself as I am and bring out my true Self again. Yes, I know another person can't give you the confidence to be yourself, but someone took it from me. They taught me that I am worthless, that it is not okay to be who I am, And I know that true love can restore that trust in me again, because someone who loves you believes in you, even when you have stopped doing it yourself.

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Dear future husband, love of my life;

I think about you and pray for you every night. I spend hours and hours, talking to God, asking him where you are, because I can't understand why you are not here. But mostly we are not ready for the wonderful things that God has for us and it is through experiences, good and bad, that He prepares us to deserve His miracles. It is through suffering that God transforms us so that when his blessings come, we can recognize them and value them. You are that miracle for which God has been preparing me. Everything that has happened to me is making me ready for your arrival, so that when you come, I can recognize you and appreciate you.

But what else must happen? What do I have to do to deserve you? I feel that I am ready. But only God knows when I'll be really ready to deserve your pure and sincere love.

Meanwhile I look for you wherever I go, in every face, in every look, because I know that even if you seem like a distant dream, you could be around the corner; in the city where I decided to go on vacation, in the cafeteria where I'm having coffee, at church, on facebook, instagram or even on Tinder. Although I am sunk and hopeless, something deep inside me tells me that you can come to me at any moment and change my life.

Dear future husband, this is how I am,

I like to be spontaneous, laugh out loud, and do things that make you feel special, from love letters and notes, to romantic meals and special celebrations. I am dedicated and I give myself completely. I love to dance! So if you see me dancing take me, hold me tight, and dance with me.

I'm mother of three wonderful kids that I want you to love and respect as well. Please do not feel overwhelmed or confused, I swear that having kids doesn't make me less deserving of your love, on the contrary, it means that I can show you new ways of loving like you could never imagine, because my children have taught me to love in a different way, they have opened my eyes and make me see the world in a more genuine, kind, just, and humble way. They have made me stronger, and taught me not to give up and to fight for what I want. In short, today I am what I am because I'm a mother; today I'm different from others because I'm a mother, today I am the kind of woman you love because I'm a mother.

I know that even if you seem like a distant dream, you could be just around the corner.

I want you to believe in me and in my projects, to support me and encourage me to continue. I want to be the love of your life, your muse, the one who heals your wounds. I promise to always be by your side, see you with loving eyes, understand you, take care of you, encourage you, love you, support you and respect you for the rest of my life.

Dear future husband, love of my life; Please find me, I'm ready.

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