Some of my favorite online course platforms!

Hi everyone!! I know, I haven't written anything here for centuries, but the truth has been super busy and now with the children going back to school, it's a non-stop! But today I bring you a very interesting topic. 

Since last year I have discovered digital platforms for online courses and have benefited from some of them. It is very easy to get hooked, since they are very practical courses that teach you many things in a graphic and interactive way. And unlike when we spend hours and hours in a social networks, without learning anything at all, this is a way to make you feel productive and that is why I want to share some of these platforms that lately have been very in demand.

It has been more than 200 years since the first schools were created, as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Much has happened since then, however, our children continue to learn with the same system: Teacher who teaches, (according to their convictions and values) students who take notes, (but cannot question the teacher's convictions) and then take an exam to demonstrate their knowledge (based on what the teacher "thinks" they have to learn) Not to mention how expensive education is. And if it is true that a good education is priceless, it was not something that until now, was available to everyone.

But the world is constantly changing and with new technologies, the way we learn also becomes more practical. Well, education also has to advance, in order to innovate and adapt to today's society. So if you are thinking of expanding your knowledge, there are several platforms that offer courses at very low cost and even free! and the most interesting thing is that many of them are from recognized universities.

Online courses give us the great opportunity to expand both our professional and personal knowledge. They are affordable, easy, and convenient. Regardless of whether you are working or studying, online learning allows us to learn new skills and ways to learn or simply improve in what we do.

Without further ado, the first platform I want to talk to you about is Coursera, my favorite!

Coursera:is a provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and was founded by two Stanford University professors concerned with providing free quality education for all. 

On this platform you will find courses on different topics such as computer science, history, mathematics, business, marketing, physics, humanities, languages, arts, among others. The advantage of this platform over the others, in my opinion, is that its courses are taught by recognized universities and organizations such as Arizona State University, Michigan State University, Stanford University, The American Museum of Natural History, National Geografic, Google , among other different organizations and schools recognized worldwide.

Udemy: es una página de cursos onlines con contenido muy variado, desde marketing y tecnología a idiomas y crecimiento personal. Udemy tiene cursos realmente buenos en los que aprendes de verdad y es por esto que es mi segunda favorita. La  metodología de sus cursos es muy práctica, con deberes, ejercicios y ejemplos de casos reales que te garantizan un buen aprendizaje. Los tutores son generalmente los creadores de los cursos y dan las clases a través de vídeos lo que los hace súper convenientes a la hora de escucharlos, o sea que te pones tus auriculares y puedes ir aprendiendo a donde quiera que vayas y en donde estés.

DomestikaIf creativity is your thing, then you will love this page. This is an avant-garde and intuitive platform which makes learning clear and immediate. In it you will find courses of graphic design, Marketing, 3D animation and even crafting. It is super complete and its courses are extremely practical, each of them teaches you a different skill at very affordable prices. In Domestika, learning and fun are guaranteed!

edXFounded by Harvard University, edX is a global non-profit organization that aims to remove three barriers to traditional education: cost, location, and access. edX has thousands of courses from the world's top-ranked universities. On this platform you will also find paid courses, in addition to the free ones. 

Now tell me what is your favorite platform for online courses?

Thanks for reading!

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